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Re: Potamageton species information

Paul Wrote:

> I have another species of Potamogeton that I got from John Glaeser of 
> the Madison (Wisconsin) Aquarium Gardeners Club.  He got it from a 
> lake in southeastern Wisconsin.  It produces no floating leaves and 
> has narrow translucent leaves with wavy edges.  It looks like a cross 
> between P. perfoliatus and Najas.  Its leaves are longer and narrower 
> than those of perfoliatus, and its stems are much thinner.  Like 
> perfoliatus, it spreads rapidly, given decent lighting.  It is a 
> nice-looking plant, and is smaller and more delicate than many of the 
> other Potamogetons.  I have it confined to a gallon jar on the 
> windowsill,now, but it can be multiplied quickly.


I live in Michigan (which I estimate has similar flora and fauna to 
Wisconsin) and I believe I know what species you're talking about.  Michigan has about 
10 or 15 different Potamageton species, and I have collected here Potamageton 
crispus and Potamageton richardsonii, both of which look a lot like what 
you're describing.  The lake I collected these from had a real algae problem due to 
fertilizer runoff from the farms a few miles away, and the internodes on the 
plants I collected were very long.  The stems of both species are very 
delicate, and the leaves are translucent and undulate.  The ones I collected were 
greenish brown in color, but the color and translucent blades highly resembled 
those of Aponogeton ulvaceus when I nursed them back to health.  I'm always 
seeking positive IDs on North American aquatic plants.  

Here's a URL with line drawings of the two species:  

Hope that helps you with the ID,
Brian Rippon

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