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Lighting Decision, specific parts

Ok, my b-day is coming up ;-) and it's time for an upgrade.  Currently I'm
running two, dual-bulb shop lights that rest right on top of my 90g
aquarium.  So, 4-40w bulbs regular fluorescents, 160w total with various
different types of bulbs to get a good spread spectrum, light, and color
warmth for asthetics.

Thus my question stands, there are two products I'm looking at
specifically from http://www.thatfishplace.com for light fixtures/bulbs. 
Both are powercompact.  One is CU0048 (search box brings it right
up)...perhaps 2x of that?  The other being powerquad.  I really like the
powerquad for it being a single, 4 bulb fixture with very nice output,
though I worry the 10k will be too much for a freshwater tank.  I'd also
like to hang the CU0048 model, but I'm not definite it has such fixtures. 
I also wonder about the output of 1 vs 2 fixtures, if two were required to
achieve optimal output the costs would rise significanty and the powerquad
would be a far winner.

To give a small idea of why I came to lights, I'm beginning to get the
hang of aquatic plants and about 4 mo. ago bought a 10# CO2 tank and am
simply doing the 'air line -> sump pump' method, which works very, very
well.  However I've noticed recently, now that my plants are taller, the
closer they get to the lights, significant growth occurs.  I really want
this for all my plants, both low and high.  I'd also like to get a really
nice field of Java Moss growing...so lights, I believe, are imminently

Suggestions very welcome :-)
Thanks for being such a great, helping group!