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Re: Bleach -- or - Airing views on algae in "flight"

Jeff Vamos said about Steve's article in TFH magazine re
bleach and algae:

> I read the article, and to be honest, was a little turned
> off. It wasn't so
> much the bleach method, but the fact that your stressing
> that the tank has
> to be sterilized.
> What about the algae that's floating around in the air?

If bleaching was a way to get rid of algae for good, it
wouldn't keep showing up on the north side of my house.  I
can assure you, the siding is not submerged or even emersed
;-)  And it's never in contact with anything more than the
air (and what's in the air) and rainwater.  Bleach kills
the algae off, but it relentlessly reappears :-\

But a bleach rinse is a good way prevent the introduction
of new things (snails, algae, etc.) from new plants that
you are putting into your aquarium.  It won't prevent algae
from growing in your aquarium but it will block whatever
(or much of whatever) hitchhikers that came with the

Indeed, Steve, at least part of your answer is blowin in
the wind

Scott H., who grows moss and algae outdoors in all the
wrong places

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