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Re: Kaspar Horst's plant book question

Thanks for all the feedback on TOA and TCNA; one of the reason I asked was
to see if TOA sheds any more light on the question of substrate heating, ie
none at all, low heat and high heat. Now having obtained a copy of TCNA
relatively cheaply, and not finding much detail in that, but having been
assured that they were the same, I was wondering if I should also get TOA
(missed out on eBay; didn't know it costs that much or I'd have bid higher),
as in TCNA not only did they not talk much about substrate heating, but they
seem to be pushing the low heat system they have. I'm trying researching for
a new setup I anticipate doing in 6 months or so, and to start accumulating
the bits as necessary (some bits are not easy to come by in Oz; no such
thing as high wattage PC as yet). Any suggestion on reading material
(besides the WWW)?

phlim at iinet_net.au