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Re: Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:44:57 -0000


If you have the time to read a little bit and about US $30 to spare, I 
suggest you invest in a copy of Diane Walstad's 'Ecology of the Planted Aquarium'.  
She outlines what nutrients plants actually need, how each nutrient is 
absorbed, plant physiology as related to nutrient uptake, and what substrates (soil) 
and fertilizers to use.  Parts of the book can be little more than merely 
charming (such as the section on allelopathy, which I believe she may exaggerate 
the importance of) and are almost useless in practice.

Now, if you're not content to have only growing, algae-free plants and need 
them to grow at the fastest possible rate, don't buy this book and don't use 
soil as a substrate.  That method of aquatic gardening is better outlined by 
posts from websites that deal with subtrate additives and trace element 

The path of least resistance will seldom lead you beyond your doorstep,
Brian Rippon