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Re: Tweezers -- or - Picking Instruments

Jennifer Marshall asked :

> Can anyone remommend an inexpensive source for the
> extra-long tweezers used for planting and pruning?

For planting, I like to use forceps (hemostats).  YOu can
long ones, over 24 inches, if you look on herpetological
web sites like 





Each of these urls needs to be entered as a single line in
your browser window.

There are plenty of others but those are ones I can come up
with off-hand.  I've dealt with Bean Farm and was happy
with the service and products.  I haven't dealt with the

Most of the longer ones have ratchets to lock the forceps
closed.  Some find this useful some don't.  You can easily
cut the ratchets off with an ordinary hack saw if you
prefer to work without them.

Also, if you know any laparoscopics surgeons, old
laparoscopic forceps and scissors are *excellent* for
aquatic gardening.  They're designed to fit into and
operate in close quarters with all the action concentrated
right down at the business end of the instrument.  However,
the cost of these items when new is positively prohibitive
except for the very well healed among us.

Good luck,
Scott H.

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