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Plants for you

I harvested some plants to take to the SFAS meeting tonight but it was cancelled. So here is your chance..... Simply donate $15 ($10 for APD defense and $5 for postage, which will be my part of your donation) to the APD fund by sending $15 via Paypal to
jbenn at jblaw_org

Then let me know which of these you want:

1. Large java fern portion (about 2 quarts)
2. Large java moss portion( about 1+ quarts)
3. 2 Large Crypt. "mi oya", the famed Amano variety
4. Several small "different" crypts, incl. C. moehlmanni and a very slender leaved one.

and send me a copy of your donation to the APD defense fund. Be sure to include your shipping address for Priority mail.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco NE5EE gomberg1 at wcf dot com
http://www.wcf.com/apbook for Kasselmann's Aquarium Plants SPECIAL