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Kaspar Horst's plant book question

I know "The Optimum Aquarium" by Kaspar Horst & Horst Kipper is out of
print, but locally there is another book, by Kaspar Horst & Jorg Ploger,
"The Creative Nature Aquarium: A guide for the set-up and maintenance of
aquariums". I was wondering if anyone has both books, and be kind enough to
give me a comparison. A retailer sellling the latter book said it was the
same as the former, but for advances by Dupla such as the Dupla Creative
System and using the Matrix in tank planting. Now this is book is only 98
pages long, and can't see how it can contain the same information as a 200+
page book, even being wider than a normal book, so would appreciate a
comparison, as I'm wondering if I should pursue a second hand copy of TOA.