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Re: Storing plants

> From: "Jim Seidman" 
> Subject: Storing plants


I'd do the water storage in a bin route. 

I don't know what your domestic situation is, apartment or domicile with 
yard, but if you have access to the outdoors, you cannot only store, but grow all 
aquatic plants out there in the summer. I've got buckets and storage 
containers all over my yard just full of plants I pulled out of my tanks and couldn't 
bear top dispose of. 

You can't expose them to direct sunlight right off and you have to use common 
sense with water temps, i.e., no leaving them in a parking lot in Palm 
Springs, California or a cave in Maine but any semi-shade situation producing water 
temps in the 70's to mid 80's shouldn't be a problem for most plants.

Failing that, I'd figure away to rig up your existing tank lights to cover 
your container or break down and buy a cheapo 30 W light strip from the Depot or 
one of the others and lay that baby across the storage container or even the 
bath tub. 

There's got to be a way...

Good luck,

Bob Olesen

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