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zebra/tiger shrimp

Thank you for the replies (here and e-mailed to my personal account). For some reason, I still don't see any posts after 7/10 in the archives. Well, many of you provided the link to AquaJapan, and it seems that this "zebra shrimp" is also referred to as "tiger shrimp." Still, there's very little information out there about these guys. I went and got two more of them (along with two more bee shrimp) yesterday.

Although this may be a premature assessment, the bees and the tigers seem to be awesome algae-eaters. Granted, due to their size, progress on severe algae will inevitably be slow; but judging from their "trails," if you know what I mean, which can get longer than their body size, I'd say that they're eating quite a lot. In this 2.5-gallon tank, I now have 3 cherry shrimp, 3 bee shrimp (I think), and 3 tiger shrimp. I'm hoping they'll eventually make at least a small dent in the hair algae.

Thanks again for all the help! And I highly recommend these tiger shrimp, if you can get them. They're really pretty and apparently hard-working, too.