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Re: PlantedAquaria.com Update

JoAnn said 
> . . .  overall there just wasn't enough interest in the
idea and
> I think this 
> is something best left for another day. Those who did
> offer to help 
> were very generous and had some great ideas and I thank
> them for that 
> and the time they took to respond.

I hope this doesn't mean we won't still get periodic doses
of JoAnn's Koans and your other hints, tips, and pointers.

Sorry about your disk drives -- *every* disk drops dead
sooner or later.  If the electroinics don't fail then the
mechaincs will -- they are mechanical dvices with no
provision for maintenance, therefore they will fail.  

The last time I lost a disk I switched to image-type
backups of the system disk onto a second disk (disk drives
are quite cheap these days).  Now if the disk goes south, I
just swap the data-cable connections on the two drives and
I'm back in business in less than 5 minutes.

Computer restoration can be quick and painless.

Good luck, 
Scott H.

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