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PlantedAquaria.com Update

Just a quick note in reference to my much earlier suggestion of doing a community project with PlantedAquaria.com. First, my apologies for not being in touch with those who contacted me about this. Unfortunately, all of the emails exchanged about that were lost in the great crash of 2003. I had the emails on zips, but the drive is toast so I'm out of luck there (somehow I erased most of the disks too - I'm an idiot).

Thanks to those who offered help and suggestions. Unfortunately, overall there just wasn't enough interest in the idea and I think this is something best left for another day. Those who did offer to help were very generous and had some great ideas and I thank them for that and the time they took to respond.

Anyway, my sincere thanks. Maybe in the future something will materialize, but for now I think the idea will have to wait.