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Re: Eheim ECCOs of decline -- or - sticking with it

I want to thank all those that poseted off-line about the
Eheim ECCO problem, and especially for the tips on fixes.

The weak link in this chain is a small plastic part that
Eheim calls the Handle Connector.  This has two small ears
that slide into a socket on the canister and protruding pin
over which the handle-ends fit and allow the handle to
rotate.  One or both ears can break off or the lip on the
end of the pin, which holds the handle on the pin, can
break off.  The breakage happens when you rotate the handle
to the locked or unlocked position or while using the
handle as a pump lever to start the siphon.  

Solution 1:  lightly sand the socket and the connector then
epoxy in place.  Be sure to wipe away any excess epoxy. 
This will prevent the ears breaking away.

Solution 2:  After mounting the handle on the pump, insert
a screw and washer into the pin.  The screw should be just
large enough to grab -- too large and you risk splitting
the pin.

Solution 3:  preventative maintenance:  wait for the new
and improved ECCO II to come out ;-)

Good luck,
Scott H.

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