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RE: From Cannister Filter to Chiller

Charles Kuehnl said about his electronic chiller:

> The fan is not too loud but it is not all that quiet 
> either.  When I have some time I plan to look into 
> replacing the fan with a really silent one, something
> like the IceCap fans.  

For these electronic chillers/heaters (peltier devices) to
work, they have to be able to move heat and the fan is
necessary for that.  If you replace the fan, be sure to get
one that has the same or higher air flow rating.  the
effectiveness can be greatly reduced if the airflow is
inadequate.  All fans the same size do not have the same
noise, airflow, or power consumption characteristics.  Some
are more energy efficient and and some are quieter for a
given airflow.

One good place to look for fans is Mouser Electronics.  The
catalogue pages can be viewed on line and give power,
noise, and airflow ratings.  And they carry several brands.
 An example is this page:


Good luck,
Scott H.

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