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Plant fest location update

I found a weird moss today out in the Ichetucknee.
Stephen M. would be interested, it has lobed flattened microphylls.
We will see if it does well.

I also found many prime examples of moss covered Cypress knees and roots,
many smaller fish, such as schools of the Florida Darter and some species of
shiner, a 2ft turtle, a number of Red foxtail beds and tons of other fish up
to 2ft long.

Found a pair of goggles and a snorkel too almost at the end:-)

I will say folks will need to bring/rent an inner tube unless they want a
good work out. Cost 5$ at the place I like and I got a free watermelon to

Several nice picnic areas at the end and start.

There's a 1.5 mile, a 3 mile and 6 mile head springs tour.

Tom Barr