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Re: was:Via Aqua canister filter

> Are all UV's the same or are some better than others?  Do you run it all
> the time?  

All UV's are pretty similar for our purposes. I'd just run once a week after
the water change(1 day only) or when a bad algae issues appears/green water.
They are not any use besides that.
>> This would not be bad for the techy person.
> I'm guilty of that.

I was.
>> I also would like to say if I get MH lights again, it'll be with
> electronic
>> ballast, it'll be those small HQI double ended lamps with small
>> fixtures(6"x3"x4").
> Where does one find these?

ADA makes them, Reefstar makes something close(See Drs F&S)

I'll buy the "guts" and electronic ballast for these lights(they do sell
these) and perhaps have a place make a number of custom fixtures to house it
in. The color of the fixture would match the wall/background color to blend
> Mine does the double duty thing but you have to switch it over manually.
> Push one button to put it in heating mode.  Another button puts it into
> chilling mode.  Nothing automatic there.  Is the Azoo different?

Not sure. Seem too the way they write about it with a controller and all.
A temp controller should work to switch these on/off etc.
> Regarding the noise level, it really is not that loud but I guess I have
> just been spoiled by my Eheim 2026 filter.  It's so quiet I occasionally
> look at it to be sure it is still running.  Even with my ear down by it
> I cannot hear it.  No kidding, I have to check the flow indicator to be
> sure it hasn't stopped.  You'd think after a while I would learn but not
> yet.

I just touch mine.
Tom Barr