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worms as food with no problems?


With all the rain ("torrential deluge" comes to mind) here in the southeast, there have been many many worms of various sorts, esp. common earthworms, up out of the soil daily. I've grabbed several and fed them to my fish, but I was wondering if there were any potential problems that I should watch out for? The worms are in soil that's Georgia red clay with approximately 1 inch of topsoil or "dark" soil on top. No known toxins or chemicals like roundup, lead, weed-icide, etc. (I don't use any of that in the yard, it's pretty much native wildflowers and weeds...)

What's the consensus on feeding worms-caught-in-the-wild to fish in FW planted tanks? 

I've raised brine shrimp and used lots of frozen worms before. Mosquito larvae are a bit of a problem here in Atlanta... I've got a near-constant "Tiger mosquito" problem during the summer. With all the west nile virus FUD, I'm not comfortable raising them. Any other worm suggestions? I've fed ants and baby german brown cockroaches to the fish as well with no problems. By the way, are ants that have poison bites bad for the fish to eat? 

Fish in question are: Austrailan rainbows, rasbora heteromorpha, skunk loaches, opaline gourami, tiger barbs, paradise fish, and a very spooky Centopoma acutirostre! (That Centopoma apparently only feeds nocturnally, and only eats live food... sits absolutely still under an Anubias barteri leaf *all day*)