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Re: Fish room?

>> I might actually know what I want when I buy a house
> someday:)
> Well, first you design the fish room, right?  Then you find
> the house :-)
> Scott H.

No I design the house first, there is no "fish room". It's an integral part
of the house and flow. It starts at the headwaters in the entrance and ends
in the sea. It's pretty much all one tank design separated into 4 sections
but the layout flows all the way down. The TN Aquarium had a concept I liked
and I like fish and plants from all these regions.

No, I live there and that comes first. What I add into that is the design
part of the tanks. They are not square boxes relegated to "the garage". I
don't want that. It's got to be part of the house itself and built in. I'll
be able to work in a fair amount of natural lighting also.

Tom Barr