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Re: APD averages

Thomas Barr said:
> It was not me, it was Paul, Neil, Karen, George, Diana,
> Olga, Steve, Jeff,
> Guy, Roger, Erik, SFAS, SFBAAPS and others who gave me a
> hard time?:-)
> I'm just building from what many folks have done in past.
> I would not be
> saying anything online if it were not for these folks.
> They deserve the
> credit in my view. 
A generous comment and a helpful list.  

These mavens frequented the APD with posts more often a few
years ago than now.  But their own web sites, their
presence on the Krib and the APD archives attests to their
knowledge and skills.

And they are all, I believe, still very active in the hobby
-- some more active than ever.  And many of them will be at
the AGA convention in November, either giving talks or
leading a workshop.  Which I think is a great chance for
folks like me to learn some of the things from some of the
folks Tom learned from them back when they were on the APD
more frequently.

And on top of that, Tom is going lead a workshop, too!
I know I'm biased about this and pardon me for advertizing
but it seems that the AGA convention is where the plant
people are going to be in November.

I don't know if I'll get to meet all these folks, but this
is certainly the chance to do that.  Of course, I was
hooked on the convention as soon as I learned about the 
Texas barbecue, another little bias of mine ;-) 

Scott H.

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