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APD stats -- or - How I Drug Traffic through mill

Just to prove there's plenty to do on Saturday afternoon, I
calculated the monthly average traffic on APD for
1995-2003.  For APD archives, 1995 begins in April and 2003
ends in May.

I do not find it too terribly discouraging that APD's peak
began to end about the time I joined.  After all, it's held
up pretty darn well.  

# of 
Messages     Period
312	     1995
413	     1996
458	     1997
571	     1998
501          1999
730	     2000
628	     2001
498	     2002
512	     2003

Btw, the peak of peaks was September 2000 with nearly 1,000
messages.  How many tanks did Tom help clean up during that

Scott H., who couldn't find the crossword today.

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