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Subject: Re: Rocks in smaller tanks

This is what we did to make the tank have a natural rock look.  I took clay 
and sculpted a rock backdrop including caves and ledges. My husband then made a 
mold from this and cast it in fiberglass. We painted it natural rock colors 
and siliconed it to the back of a 55 gal. for a nifty African cichlid tank.

We liked this so much he then made me a tank from scratch. Three sides are 
fiberglass rock work and one side is glass. Its held together by a decorative 
wood frame. The dimensions approximate a 90 gal. tank.  The tubing and hoses are 
hidden in the "rocks." It was going to be another cichlid tank but become my 
first planted tank instead.  It's really impressive and very natural looking, 
not to mention a lot lighter than the real thing.

 < I'm still trying to figure a way to make the back of my large tanks 
rock-covered using natural stone and not the decorative resin inserts I've seen for 
sale at local pet stores>


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