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Beyond Hygro

Thanks to Tom Barr and an astonishing amount of sunset hygro (H. polysperma), my 72 gallon, 210 watt, canister CO2-supplemented tank is nearly algae free. Now I would like to start to get rid of the hygro, which isn't one of my favorite plants, and replace it with something(s) else.

What finally beat the algae was when I pulled out a big hunk of driftood and several anubias plants, and replaced them with the fast growing sunset hygro. And I wonder, if I pull out the hygro and put the anubias back in, will the BBA come zooming back? Should I change my dosing?

Currently dosing at water change: 6t equilibrium, 4.5t baking soda, 1/2t KNO3, 1/8t KH2PO4, 15ml Flourish, 15ml Flourish Iron. (equilibrium has ALOT of K, so I don't dose K2SO4). I repeat KN03, KH2PO4, Flourishes every 2-3 days. KH=GH=5, pH=6.6-6.8, photoperiod 12 hours.

Comments? Suggestions?


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