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Re: rocks in smaller tanks

Hey gang,

I think either is more than possible in any tank, but
it's alot easier to find interesting pieces of wood
that are large rather than small.

The branchy pieces, that everyone likes, seem to be
hard to come by in small sizes, but do exist of you
look really carefully. I often buy pieces of wood even
when I don't have a tank to decorate, because
interesting wood is more valuable than gold to the
'scaper. I could kick myself for some of the pieces
that I've passed up untill "next week", only to find a
boring piece in its stead.

Rocks, OTOH, are so basic and easy to come by in all
sizes that you can make it work in *any* tank. As a
previous poster mentioned, size has alot to do with
it. The trick is to make sure that the focal center
rocks match the size of the tank. Start with a whole
bunch of the same type when you begin-- way more than
you'll need. That way you can tweek and arrange and
such until it's right. See Amano for details.

John Wheeler  

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