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Re: Pet stores in Wicsonsin.

A few days ago someone asked about pet stores in Wisconsin and Illinois. 
Well, the Chicago area seems to be lacking in quality stores. Scott's in 
Westchester is pretty nice, especially if you like freshwater stingrays. In the 
Milwaukee area Hoffers is great. It's a little expensive but it is the 3rd biggest 
independent pet store in the country and they have a knowledgeable staff for the 
most part. Also Pets 'n Things right outside Milwaukee (in Cudahy) is a small 
but quality "Mom 'n Pop" shop that always has odd ball fish at the best 
prices in the area. They also have a pretty good plant selection. I bring in about 
1/2 their plants from my tanks. Their number is (414) 545-6788. Enjoy!

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