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Re: Rocks in smaller tanks

Hi everybody.

Tricky question. I like to add another one: Can you mix up stones and
driftwood, or different type of stones.
I am not an aquascaping specialist but I found it extremely hard to combine
rocks and driftwood in the same tank. I have seen some amano tanks that
combine the both , usually these simulate an african Anubias biotope and
some of the "floorspace" is left open. When I try to combine the two it
looks messy so easily.
As for rocks in smaller tanks: I have the feeling most people tend to buy
too small a size stone which looses impact. The second misstake ( or lets
say choice ) I see is to place the rocks so they don't look stable. The
stones as you see them placed in amano tanks are stable. They look like
they have been in that position in that tank for centuries. While in our
western aquascapes in many cases they rather look like boulders that just
fell in the water crushing everything around them. To my feeling the stable
placement of the stone contributes for 50% or more to its visual
appeasement. ( may I have been living in Japan too long ) . Different stone
colours combination is also difficult because it easily looks unnatural.
Ever seen a biotope with lava rocks an slate ? I know these are just basic
points and my personal opinion. As long as there are treasure chests ,
fluorescent fish and coloured gravel around it sounds like everybody pretty
much does what they want.

Driftwood looks good when simulating roots coming down in the water or half
overgrown. This kind of look requires space and big chunks of wood. So I am
tempted to say that driftwood fits better in a larger tank. However, a
small proportioned piece of root driftwood in a lawn type small tank can be
awesome. I guess it is a matter of taste and balance. If anybody has good
examples or reference on the net regarding a design that combines wood with
rock I would like to get some ideas.

suisoman Dirk

degustibus et colorandus non disputandum est.