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Re: Microsorum Pteropus, Java Fern

Phil wrote:

> I have just obtained a single Microsorum Pteropus, Java fern, which is quite
> small still. It is been in my south American community tank (pH 7.0, GH 3.0)
> for about a month and has not shown any signs of growth as of yet but this
> doesn't sound that bad as I understand from previous posts that it is not
> the fastest growing plant out there. My question is can I cut it into two
> plants yet or shall I wait under it has shown some signs of growth? As it
> grows can I keep on splitting it up or is there a limit?

Phil, it'll take it a while to get going, be patient. And yes, you can cut on it at any time. And yes, you can keep splitting it up.

Jamie <"\\\><

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