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Re: Rocks in smaller tanks

Could it be a weight factor? I mean in order to keep a 100+ gallon tank in
proportion using a rock aquascape you would probably need a lot of rock and
large pieces as well. Driftwood instead is easy to find a large piece and
desn't weigh much or risk breaking your tank if it falls to it's side. There
is also one other thing that comes to mind, when I see photos of natural
habitats, natural rock formations are usually composed of many smaller rocks
which I think should be relatively easy to replicate in both small and large
tanks. On the other hand a natural driftwood scenery usually (at least the
photos I have seen) involves a larger piece of wood as the center of focus
with various plants and other objects that have "decorated" it's
surroundings. Perhaps this kind of scenery is easier to reproduce in a
larger tank?

I think both look good however if kept in proportion, regardless of the size
of the tank.

Giancarlo Podio

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Do rock aquascapes fair better in smaller tanks _generally_?

Do driftwood aquascapes fair better in larger tanks _generally_?

Tom Barr