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Re: Slowing down a Quite One pump -- or - Finding quiet under pressure

Adam said, in part, re the Lifegard Quiet One pump:

It's interesting to see that Pentair has
acquired lifeguard.  If they are discontinuing the Quiet
One in present form
it's too bad because it really is quiet!

I am pretty sure the pump is actually a rebadged Grundfos
UP15-42 series
pump. You could still get one from them if you really
wanted one. "

That's good to know but I think they have done slightly
more than rebadge.  I had called it a German motor but the
company is actually based in Denmark.  I think the Original
Quiet One is a very nice pump.  Beefy and indeed  very

If you want a Grudnfos UP15-42 pump, look for dealers of
HVAC pumps.  The unit was designed as a recirculating pump
for home hot water plumbing.  By recirculating the hot
water, there is always hot water ready at the faucet.  The
pump is made to run constantly for years on end even with
very hot water.  The Quiet One was/is a variation on the
basic Grundfos unit, incorporating a plastic impeller
housing and plumbing connectors in place of cast iron,
bronze or stainless steel -- which are all overkill for
aquarium use:


The Pentair Aquatics web site is still under construction. 
The new pumps don't show up in the aquatics brochure that
they still have online at pentairaquatics.com.  In fact the
main corporate website, pentair.com, still lists
rainbowlifegard.com as a link, even though the domain name
is no longer used for Lifegard products.

The new pumps, which appear to be Lifegard (pentair
Aquatics) pumps, can be seen here:


Scott H.

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