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Re: Latin names; Dictionary of Plant Names

Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, has "Dictionary of Plant Names -- The
pronunciation, derivation and meaning of botanical names, and their
common-name equivalents, by Allen J. Coombes, ISBN 0-88192-023-1, $11.00
long ago

has some aquatic plants...Echinodorus e-keen-o(italicized)-do-rus ... From
Greek echinos ( a hedghog) and doros (a bag) referring to the clustered,
spiny fruits. Aarium lants. Burhead.
berteroi - after Carl Giuseppe Bertero, Italian physician...S. United
States, W Indies
cordifolius - with heart shaped leaves. S. United States
tenelus - Dainty. S. America

Ann Viverette, guess I'll keep this handy!

> Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 13:55:16 -0400
> From: kyle at onebox_com
> Subject: Re: Latin names
>> For true latin words like flava (yellow), palustris (swamp), or vulgaris
(common), you will need to find a latin dictionary.  I think there is a book
out there on common latin words that you would come across in gardening.
For the really hardcore types get "Botanical Latin" by Stearns.  Its a thick
book with more than you ever wanted to know about latin in reference to
plants.  Keep in mind it is written for a professional botanist audience,
but if you can wade through it, it is very informative. Its not just a
dictionary, it also teaches you how to write botanical descriptions, with
grammar, in latin.
> Hope this helps!
> - -Kyle
.com in /pub/aquaria/aquatic-plants.