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Re: Latin Names

They don't translate well since they don't directly translate. The Latin names are the "scientific" or "species" names while the supposedly "English" names are more commonly referred to as the "common names". The Latin name will not directly, literally translate in the usual sense.

Right... I know that the scientific name does not equal the latin translation of the common name, so I was just wondering if there was someplace to look up the root words that make it up. Since I really have no idea how latin works, I couldn't even guess at what part of the name is a root word, and which part is the prefix or suffix or whatever. Just thought it would be interesting to know what each part of the names mean, just to see how descriptive they are, like Pelvicachromis describing the Kribensis really well ;)

Your best bet is most likely going to be to get a book about the plant/animal species you are interested in that lists both the scientific and common names for each species. There are bound to be places on the Internet with that information too, I suggest trying a search for something like "Latin common species" and the species name that you are interested in.


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