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Re: Hairy Potter

Rachel wrote:

Well, i couldn't resist, but the problem is actually hairy glass. I 
this problem in all three of my planted tanks, which all have different 
light levels and nutrient levels and stocking levels - both of fish and 
plants. The algae is a very short (1/4") bright green algae which grows 
quickly on the glass - primarily on the front glass - of the tanks. It 
returns in 3-4 days after a water change/scrub. it does not grow on the 
gravel. It may grow on the plants - it would be hard to tell. Almost 
like hydra, but without the tentacles. Reguires a little pressure to 
off. Annoying! Any ideas?

What are you nitrate levels? I had the same algae in my tank and my NO3 
was always unmeasureable (Due to lots of Hygrophillia difformis I 
think). I've been adding PMDD for a week and a half now and the algae 
growth has decreased tremendously. I think this type of algae is more 
prevalent when the ratio of N to P is low. I'm noticing slightly more 
green spot algae now but it's nowhere near as bad as the hairy stuff 
was. Good luck.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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