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1644 subscribers and counting!

 I just got back yesterday from my two weeks in the woods with a few hundred of my fellow works, I did my two weeks of annual training with the Army NG. and reading through my E-mails, so someone may have already made this point.
 When you asked how many are active, I would say 1644 are.  If they were in-active the list mom would remove them to cut out all the bounce backs due to in-active E-mail address.  There are many like myself, (I joined the list in the first few months that it started years and many E-mail addresses ago.  Up until three weeks ago, I had been quite for two or three years, just reading.  JiM C.
>Sending 'who aquatic-plants' to Majordomo at actwin_com reveals >the APD now 
>has 1644 subscribers. How does this compare with history, and >how many of 
>those are still active?
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>Andrew McLeod

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