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Re: mosquito larve-now's the time to try it!

* From: "sean mckinney" <seanmckinney at hotmail_com>

......Any how I did this last year with 2 55 gallon barrels and at one time the water was black with larvae, the bloom only lasted about 2 weeks but boy did the fish love them. From larvae mosquitos morph into something which looks like a large printed comma and the fish take these before the proper larvae. West niles inst a problem here and I have just refreshed the vegitation in these barrels and see signs of another banquet growing.

West nile is predicted to be a problem in the entire 48 states, as it is spreading very rapidly. The virus was in all but four states last year, and there is no known reason why it won't be in the remaining four this year.

The "coma" form is the pupa, and it lasts about three days before the adult emerges. Just be sure that you harvest ALL the larvae and pupae before any adults emerge, and you will actually be doing your neighborhood a favor although I doubt that your neighbors will understand it. If your barrels were not there, the mosquitoes would lay their eggs somewhere else where many of the larvae would make it to adulthood.
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi where the daily rains have stopped.