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Re: emersed growth

Jeff Vamos said:

> The emersed growth in my tank is much more healthy and
> beautiful than my
> submerged growth. Is it because there is alot more C02 in
> the air or is it
> more complicated than that. My KH is 4 and my pinpoint Ph
> controller shuts
> off at 6.6 and comes on at 6.7, so according to the chart
> I should have
> plenty of C02. 

Ms. Walstad has a whole section in her book on the "aerial
advantage," which covers the good things that happen when
plants can grow above the water line.  If you don't have
the book yet, consider purchasing it from the AGA websit or
take a look at Diana's own website:


Many of the plants that we grow under water naturally occur
along the banks of lakes, streams and rivers, and while
they can grow under water and therefore endure rises in
water levels, they do best when growing emersed.  I think
that some of the plants we grow, we are giving them a hard
time by drowning them.

Also note that, if you are lighting your tank from above
(who doesn't?), then the emersed growth is closest to the
light, getting the most light, completely unfiltered by

Scott H.

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