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emersed growth

The emersed growth in my tank is much more healthy and beautiful than my
submerged growth. Is it because there is alot more C02 in the air or is it
more complicated than that. My KH is 4 and my pinpoint Ph controller shuts
off at 6.6 and comes on at 6.7, so according to the chart I should have
plenty of C02. The probe is calibrated regularly. My only algae issues are
glass algae, and green spot on older leaves of swords and anubias. Glosso
seems to be slow and there is plenty of NPK and traces.

Tom, if your still building reactors I would like to purchase one. It would
be for a 125 with a sump. Contact me off list if you can help.

Jeff Vamos
jbvamos at patmedia_net