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Re: LaMotte Test Kit

kristiananderson at att_net said:
> I just wanted to put in a plug for reefsplendor.com.  I
> got a LaMotte nitrate 
> test kit for about $37 including shipping.  Best part of
> all was that the 
> reagents hadn't expired!  This one uses the tablet
> method, no messy spoon to 
> worry about.  Here's a question, though-this kit measures
> nitrate nitrogen.  
> Now when Mr. Barr recommends a nitrate level in the
> 5-10ppm range, is he 
> refering to nitrate or nitrate nitrogen (nitrate-n)?  Do
> I need to multiply or 
> divide by 4.4?  Thanks!

Go forth and multiply.

Scott H.

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