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Re: Hairy Potter

> Well, i couldn't resist, but the problem is actually hairy glass. I have this
> problem in all three of my planted tanks, which all have different light
> levels and nutrient levels and stocking levels - both of fish and plants. The
> algae is a very short (1/4") bright green algae which grows very quickly on
> the glass - primarily on the front glass - of the tanks. It returns in 3-4
> days after a water change/scrub. it does not grow on the gravel. It may grow
> on the plants - it would be hard to tell. Almost looks like hydra, but without
> the tentacles. Reguires a little pressure to scrub off. Annoying! Any ideas?
> -rachel

Oedogonium. Check your KH and pH for CO2 levels. Sometimes tap water KH
levels drop and folks keep their pH the same. I try for a one degree range
either side of for a pH setting and Check the KH if things don't seem right
even if I'm  doing the water changes/nutrient thing etc.

When all your tanks have this, something like this is often the case.

It will not hurt ever to double check your CO2 levels for BOTH KH
and the pH. I do it.

Tom Barr