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Zen and aquatic gardening

I was kind of struck in the last Aquatic Gardener
Assoc. publication by Jeff Senske's quote regarding
Erik Leung's influence.  Something along the lines of
intuitive aquascaping--I wish I had my copy right here
and I would post what we wrote.

Anyway, I thought I would share a quote from a book I
just read "Zen in the Art of Archery", describing a
flower arrangement master's final product:

"The completed picture looks just as if the Master had
guessed what Nature had glimpsed in dark dreams."

Effortless,intuitive aquascape, yet the product of
years of practice.

Now I understand why Amano repeats the same exact
procedures for setting up his tanks, esp. the
substrate.  It is exactly like the zen master
preparing to do an ink drawing.  Prepares the paper,
the ink by himself in exactly the same way over and

I am seriously now considering restarting my "The art
of planted aquaria" non-technical email list.  If any
folks find these sorts of conversations at least as
interesting as algae and DIY, then maybe we'll restart


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