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Fish and Plants for biotope

I've always wondered about putting cat-tails in an aquarium.  Every time in
the past that I've tried to yank them up, I would get only leaves and cuts
on my hands.  Awhile ago I brought a garden trowel with me and was sure I'd
come home with some, but no luck.  The roots seemed to be real deep.  This
time I brought a shovel with a square tip.  It was still a lot of work but I
did bring some cat-tails home.  For the results of my efforts to date go to
my web site at
and then to "Steve's Page", "Aquariums", and then "Steve's 2003 Texas
Coastal Bend FW Biotope".

Plant Question one:
I have been looking for Mexican Oakleaf down here in Corpus Christi.  I
figured it has to around here somewhere.  However, I have never seen an
emersed picture of it.  All the pictures I see of it are in its submerged
state.  I heard that it grows mostly emersed.  So I'm not sure what I am
looking for.  I figure its got to look leafy, and its got to be green.
There aren't too many plants that fit that decription down here.  I had some
time to explore today and ran into something close.  I have a picture of it
If any one would care to tell me if it is Mexican Oakleaf, I would
appreciate it.  If it isn't can someone send me an emersed image of it?

Fish Questions:
OK. I think I sort of hit the jackpot today.  I actually found a ditch in
Corpus that had some water in it.  I could see fish in it.  I went home and
took the pool net with the long handle and pulled like crazy on the net
frame to convert it from a narrow rectangle to a roundish square.  I went
back to the ditch and caught about 3 dozen Sailfin Mollies, one perch-like
fish, and about six darter types that aren't exacty darters, but very
interesting.  The eyes are on the side of the fish, not the top like a
darter.  I'm dying to find out what they are.  Once again, go to:
and then to "Steve's Page", "Aquariums", and then "Steve's 2003 Texas
Coastal Bend FW Biotope", and you'll see some interesting fish.

Steve Pituch
Corpus Christi, TX, USA