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Re: plants, race and bikes

> But in bicycle math, 3 times 15 mph = 45 mph, doesn't it?
> ;-)
> Scott H.

Here's a little souse:

It's too difficult to see aquatic plants whizzing by at 45mph. We would have
past the Lizard tail without noticing it. Two of the bikers I know ride with
handguns believe it or not. I'd be careful from both sides.

    "I've never met an aquatic plant I thought I had to shoot." Am I going
too far? But the gun needs to be light weight, maybe a carbon fiber gun,
Titanium? It'll have to have the stopping power to have a raging motorist's
vehicle come to a complete stop. Hummmm....I need bigger guns.......
Aquatic plant "rage" is serious here. Some do shoot their plants for fun.
I'd just give folks "the knowing friendly wave" rather than the "bird". They
are still mad, I'm fine and smiling and it seldom escalates(as they go by
"See, he knows he's a # at $*%#$*").  I would not want to have a "plant rager"
grab my red Ludwigia out on my bucket, rip it in half and toss up like skeet
as he unloads his 12 gauge on my prized weeds. The horror.

Instead of "swamp" farmers shooting meddling kids with salt(like me when I
was of age) like up north, they use gobs of algae with their "Plant bazooka"
down here. Come home all smelly, green and with a big piece of BBA stuck
between your ears that wouldn't come out. Friends all laughing and dissing
you. Sometimes the only way you can get off is by soaking the wound in a
20:1 bleach solution.
Yes, that's what I need, a "Plant Bazooka" made out of Titanium and carbon
fiber and that shoots them newer high density giant Caldophora Cannon balls
with the newly discovered element "plantinium" center cores.

Rabid motorist will be much more careful seeing me carry my fully loaded
Plant Bazooka next as I step off the bike pointing it right at them.
The "Tominator". "Hasta la planta"
    If you have some "plant rage", this is the place to talk about it. We'll
try and work through this anger towards algae and weeds "together".

Tom Barr