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"Easy" Red Plants?

Are there any relatively "easy" aquatic plants out there? I have tried, without success to, grow Rotala Macrandra. I have used all the parameters that others say they are having success with, but, it always greens out, withers, and dies, starting with the lower leaves first. It grows "ok" (but not beautifully) in my smaller, lower light tank (65 watts CF on a Eclipse III hood with retrofit), but always dies out in about 2 weeks from cuttings placed from the 37 into the 75 gallon, with 160 watt CF & NO fluorescents . The water parameters are exactly the same, as are the CF bulbs. I dose with PMDD daily, minus the KNO3, as my nitrates are always in the 5-10ppm range, and I do add MonoPotassium Phosphate and Flourish Iron seperately.

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