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brown sludge in filter (diatoms?)


Ever since my tank's been up I've been accumulating a slimy brown sludge
in the overflow, water tubing, sump, and pump.  I don't see any of it in
the tank, probably because it is being eaten.  But it is everywhere
else.  I don't mind it visually, since I am not normally looking at the
sump, pump, and tubing.  But I noticed my pump isn't putting out as much
lately, and so yesterday I took it apart (a Supreme mag 12) and tried to
get out as much of the brown stuff as possible.  After putting it back
together, I was surprised to see it put out 2 or 3 times as much water
than before.  So although I don't mind the brown sludge in the sump and
tubing, it does bother me when it slows down the pump.  I also mind that
it seems to clog the filter pads in my wet dry almost immediately; I
don't think my filter pads are doing much since they are always clogged
with this brown stuff.  Does anyone know a relatively easy way to keep
this stuff from building up in the non-visible parts of the tank?  Is
this something I will just have to live with (given my water supply), or
can I prevent it easily?  Thanks,