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Re: Algae on leaves

> My GH test kit ran out a while back, but
> our tap water is pretty hard here and thus my KH and GH were always on
> the hard side.  Does this mean I'm probably okay as far as Mg?  Should I
> possibly stop the Epsom Salt (MgSO4) additions?

If you have 3-5 GH or so there's likely no need to add it.
> As far as K2SO4, I couldn't find any in town so I have not been dosing
> that.  However, I have just started using Seachem Flourish Potassium as
> that was available at my LFS.  K2SO4 is just a source of potassium, right?


> As far as KNO3, unfortunately I haven't been regular about dosing it.

This will mess things up.

> Wasn't terribly sure how much to use, but based on other posts I was
> guessing 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times a week.  Since I haven't been regular
> about it it might indeed be lacking.  KNO3 is basically just a source of
> nitrogen, right?

Yes, NO3.
> In conclusion:
> From the questions you've been asking me, I'm getting that the three
> biggies (N, P, K) are what you're after, along with whatever trace
> element package I want to use.  If I can make sure I've got sufficient
> N, P, and K (along with traces and CO2), I should be okay?

Generally yes.
Some trimming, water changes, and reasonable fish load, add herbivores, the
basic stuff.

Tom Barr

> Thanks for your help and input!
> - -joe