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Salt Water Biotope

I finally found a way for my son, John, to get interested in keeping a tank.
He is going to be taking aquatic science this year in HS and he knows the
aquatic science teacher from taking another of her science classes.  He was
able to see her various tanks in school and decided he wanted to try a
saltwater tank.

My only stipulation was that it would be inexpensive since our family is
currently on a tight budget.  I had a 30 gallon tank and lights so he only
needed to buy a Skilter 400 for the setup.  He has managed to collect all
the fish and plants and decorations.  We mainly take a seine net to the gulf
and go out perpendicular to the beach until we can't take the beating from
the surf anymore.  We then lift the net above the water and carry it back to
shore.  So far he has collected a goby, some clams that look like teeth and
stand on their pointed ends and pull themselves under the sand in a few
seconds, some colorful barnacles, and a few fish that we haven't been able
to identify.

If anyone can ID the type of seaweed, and types of fish, John would
appreciate it.  I know this is a planted aquaria list, but for a biotope I
consider the fish to be just as important as the plants!

The hyperlink is:


I know this link is too long to get through e-mail in one piece.  Its just
as easy to go to the home page at:


and then drill down the following pages
"Steve's Page", "Planted Aquaria Page", "John's Biotope Page".


Steve Pituch
Padre Island, Corpus Christi, TX