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High Tech Tank Available

We are traveling more these days and three large planted tanks are getting
to be too much upkeep. We have have decided to decommision our 120g tank in
month or so. It is being used as a quarantine tank right now to get our fish
load back to "normal" in the other two 100g tanks.

If anyone in Nothern Colorado is interested in a relatively low cost Hight
Tech tank, please e-mail me. A bonus is "Live Sand". The tank has been set
up since 1996 with a nutritious substrate thanks to heating coils. You don't
need to worry about "breaking in" a new tank with this baby!

Added bonus - the tank itself is free. The glass has some scratched areas
due to an unfortunate experiment with "low cost scrubbing pads" early on. A
smart buyer would invest in a new tank.

Equipment includes:

120g tank (24"x24"x48")
250W Dupla heating coils with Duplamat transformer.
Professional grade heating coil controller (not Dupla)
Sandpoint CO2 controller
10# CO2 tank with single stage, dual guage regulaltor, solenoid and NO1 fine
control valve (never had a CO2 end-of-tank dump)
Dupla bubble counter and Reactor S CO2 reactor
Amiracle trickle filter with bioballs
Hamilton hood with 2 175W MH and 2 40W FL bulbs
Commercial wood stand with 110v wiring installed
250 pounds of live gravel
Chock full of plants
Probably some other stuff I've forgotten

I would prefer to unload the whole shootin' match. If no one is interested,
I'll probably sell pieces-parts later on.  I haven't yet decided on a price
but the whole thing will be less than the sum of the parts.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, CO (gbooth at frii dot com)
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      http://aquaticconcepts.thekrib.com (mirror)