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Tweezers and forceps

I recently looked up again some sources for long tweezers
and forceps and, since the info is current, I thought I'd
post here, fwiw:







Also this site for forceps:


and this site for tweezers and forceps


Sometimes the forceps are called hemostats.

The non-locking type of forceps/hemostats are easier to use
but are hard to find inthe longer lengths.  The locks
easily sawn off if you don't like the locks.

I haven't checked this out recently to ensure availablity
but they are current listing.

Other sites would be cheap versions of laparoscopic
sirgical supplies, but even the cheap stuff under those
headings cost many times more than what you find at the
snake sites.

Also, the shortest length that works for your tank is the
best size to use.  The shorter they are, the thinner the
jaws, which make for easier planting.

Good luck, they all work in a pinch ;-)
Scott H.

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