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RE: Java Moss Pruning

>Hello, I got some nice rock dens I created that are now coated with java
>moss.  My question is, is there any way to prune/mow it?  The moss is
>getting pretty long now and I don't know how much (if it stops at all)
>longer it's going to grow.  Starting to look pretty shaggy right now and
>looking more like a giant fuzz ball as opposed to a rock den covered with
>fur :)

I just clip it down to a more manageable state- or else just rip it out till
it's thinned enough.  Never have a problem with it not growing back.
Actually, I find in both the tanks I have Java moss, that if I don't
occasionally prune it back, it gets rather ratty looking. After trimming, it
regrows nice and green and full-looking again.

 New Hampshire, USA, where we have- no, really!- more rain today with more
expected tomorrow....
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