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Re: Fungus on Driftwood

Sounds like what I did once, I was setting up a tank, I washed the flourite,
boiled the driftwood and placed in the empty tank. Then I got tired and
decided to finish it the next day. By next morning both the driftwood and
gravel had white fungus growing on them from all the humidity and not being
covered in water. I boiled the driftwood again, it helped somewhat and then
filled the tank up. It took a while but it did all go away on it's own
without any ill effects that I'm aware of.

Hope that helps

Giancarlo Podio

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I have a nice piece of Fla. driftwood in my first planted tank with lots of
Anubias, Java fern, etc. tied to it, but it has some persistent white fluffy
fungus.  It was completely covered about 10 days ago when the tank was
initially set up.  About 10% is left and doesn't appear to be going away any
time soon.

Does anyone have suggestions about how to deal with this to get rid of all
the fungus?  If I remove and treat the wood, I'll need to do it pretty much
right away before anything roots.

Thanks to all-

James Brady