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Plant fest update

Through the tireless unpaid efforts and bedazzling digital art work of Ricky
Cain there's now a web site link for the upcoming plant field trip.

The experience of floating down a river full of plants(I have yet to have
seen a single croc in locations we will be going to and have no trouble
bringing any children that can swim well/are supervised) and looking
underwater with a snorkel and good face mask is awe inspiring. That first
breath of air under water peering around all these plants you know of is
quite spectacular, never to be forgotten.
Around 1000-3000 folks go down one of the locations per day. We will get
there early so we  can get a good jump on the crowds and the limits they set
on the number of tubers they allow downstream from the spring.

This is not nasty pool water with chlorine, muddy river water you cannot see
in or SW with that nasty taste, this is spring water, 72F. Everyone should
do it at least once in their lives if they really like plant tanks. This is
a good relatively cheap way to do this and get a nice wild experience with
tropical plants, without traveling to the jungles of distant lands with
less/no guarantee of finding a nice clear water pool full of plants.

Quit watching the Discovery Channel and _do_ the Discovery channel.

Tom Barr