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Re: algae on slow growing leaves

> Lo and behold, things are definitely doing better.  I'm no longer
> getting hair algae, but now I am getting what appears to be green spot
> algae (the hard stuff) growing on my slow-growing plant leaves,
> primarily the anubias and lobelia.  Here are some pics:
> http://www.spintronic.com/images/aquaria/55g-planted/2003-06-12/
> Check out the 3 pics with algae in the names.  What could be causing
> this?  It certainly must be an excess of something.  Here are my
> (current) tank parameters:  :)

Not excess. Green spot does great in even super soft RO water with very
little nutrients and fish etc.

Two things often times help encourage GS.
Low PO4 and low CO2.
> 55 gallon
> 96 watts PC
> co2 injection
> 15ml Flourish per week

Try 2x 7-10mls per week. 20 mls total or more per week, split into 2-3

> 15ml Flourish Trace per week

Don't bother adding this.

> 50% water change weekly (Tom Barr method) :)
> Epsom Salt after water change

Do you need Mg?(What's your GH?)
Do you add K2SO4/KCl or KNO3?
> Also, you can see red stuff all over the wood.  Is this another type of
> algae, or perhaps a bacteria?
> - -joe

Not sure. Scrub the wood and correct the other stuff, get a small pleco etc
to munch on the wood. They usually keep wood surfaces clean.

Tom Barr